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For automotive collision and repair shops seeking top-tier module programming, Express Recalibrations is your trusted partner. Our expertise extends to a wide range of modules, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Faulty wiring can compromise vehicle performance and safety. We specialize in meticulous wiring diagnostics and repair, ensuring that every connection is robust and reliable. Partner with us for efficient and precise wiring solutions.

Alignment is crucial for vehicle safety and tire longevity. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians ensure that vehicles are perfectly aligned, offering optimal handling and reducing tire wear. Trust us for precision alignments that enhance vehicle performance.

As an authorized Rivian service center, we’re equipped to handle the unique needs of these innovative vehicles. Collision and repair shops can rely on us for specialized Rivian services, ensuring that these vehicles receive the dedicated care they deserve.

Enhanced Convenience & Cutting-Edge Tools

We understand the demands of automotive collision and repair shops. To streamline your operations, we offer pickup and drop-off services within the local area. Additionally, our in-house OEM software tools guarantee that every service is executed to perfection.

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We’re your go-to experts for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, repairs and accurate computer system calibrations, whether you come to us or we come to you.​

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